Our team of enthusiastic climbers and certified climbing instructors is practicaly constantly up for an adventure. Whether we go to Sardinia, we are showing to beginners and advanced climbers how to climb on the rocks or on the wall, we have room for you as well. Discover with us the feeling that climbing is giving us.

Here you can find the offer of courses and trips with our team.

Come with us to Sardinia, which we are visiting couple times per year and see it on your own. Climbing on white rocks above the turquoise sea. Touch the perfect limestone in the mountainous terrain and enjoys the sea and ice cream in the summer or warming touches of sun in the winter.

Join us on via ferrata trips to the Salzkammergut, only couple of hours from Prague. This wonderful area offers many different action, fun and challenging secured climbing routes.

Are you a climbing beginner? Choose from courses for beginners. Do you already know the basics of climbing? Do you want to move to the next level? Then check out the advanced courses offer, select a date and join us.

By yourparticipation in any of the courses offered below you contribute to the realization of climbing areas in the Czech Republic and abroad.


Certified instructors

Being a climbing instructor is not a job. It's a pleasure. The joy of handing over climbing experiences and love of nature and rocks. Our certified istructors will guide you in the courses in methodical part, as well as with the practical climbing session.

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