On snowshoes to the Sněžka

Looking for a nice and fun trip? A lot of people go to the top on Krkonoše nowadays. To see a sunrise or just like a physical exercise to our highest mountain. Ok, why not. But have you tried it any other way?

We did, we did it with in snowshoes in winter. Try it too. It′s great fun. Plastic snowshoes are lightweight and will make it easier for you to walk in deep snow and on a sore path. Put them on the winter groves, ideally even with some sleeves. The weather that day was slightly above zero, and therefore a relatively solid surface, no powder. Maybe it′s a lot better than fresh snow. You do not sink so deep.


We did not know how the path will look like. Whether it will be a freeride terrain, a cross-country trail, or a stretched-out path. But it was good that day. A slightly bumpy ride along the edges is ideal for snowshoes. It was finally fun with beautiful views. Temperature slightly above zero, blue sky and inversion. Ideal.


We took the route from Horní Malá Úpa through the hut of Jelenka and then from there to the summit and the same way back. A total of about 15 km. Which is quite enough on snowshoes. We left the car on a paid car park beneath the ski slope, from which we went on the red for about 3.5 km to Jelenka hut. We warmed ourselves with a bowl of soup and then continued to the top. To the hut the terrain was fine. From the cottage it was a larger and more exacting elevation. The last 200 meters high to the top we felt a strong wind from Polish side and warming sun from Czech side. A short stop at the top, where everything was closed. But we took some beautiful winter shots and rather ran downhill to hide. On the way back we chose the same path, but you can also go with yellow, slightly longer. The last 4 kilometers we had a little painful legs. Still, the snowshoes are a bit different than just the snowshoes. The whole trip was great, and we definitely recommend it. The views and pleasant brisk walks on the snowshoes is really fun. Try it too.






Start: From Horní Malá Úpa through Jelenka hut on the red to the top and back.

How: On snowshoes that we borrowed in Prague and from a friend. Light and cheap equipment.

To take with you: A small bag with a snack, a thermos with tea, spare socks and one extra layer. In good weather there is no need for spare clothing or tea. For refreshments and warmth, stop at the cottage.

Physical Exercise: 3/5

Entertainment: 4/5

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