Christmas 2018 in Sardinia

It would not be Christmas time for Honza Kareš and the team without going back to the blue sky, the white rocks, the best doppioand the most beautiful views of Sardinia. This time Karešák he teamed up with Hrnec and Marťan. Two more participants Rampa and Blexa joined the big car and decided to join and together with the team to experience the holidays differently and have good climb. The team bolted already around 350 routes in Sardinia. And since the guys were enthusiastic from the Sardinian trip, we decided to extend the offer to the future for other people. Keep reading and let us know if you would like to travel with our climbing team.

Typical Czech Christmas with sugar cookies, Christmas tree and fairy tales have another dimension in Sardinia. The aim is to explore new climbing areas, to build new climbing challenges and enjoy the sun and fun at a typical Italian pace.

The starting point of the tour was the traditionally peaceful town of Santa Maria Navarresse on the outskirts of Sardinia. From there, it′s just a few turns to Baunei, the traditional stop for fine Italian coffee and the continuation of individual projects.

This year there were several:
The new El Capo sector with Pedra Longa views offers 5 routes with difficulty from 6c to 7a1 +, 10 new ravel roads with difficulty 5+ to 6a +, and three delightful paths to the El Capo Tower itself with the difficulty of 2x6b and 7a.

Il Capo

Il Capo

Il Capo

New Red Chilli area just off the road with convenient accessibility. Ideal climbing in summer due to long shade. In the area of ​​the climbing await two paths on the tower with difficulty 2x 7a +. You can enjoy the beautiful red wall on four roads of difficulty 7c to 8a. The area is therefore suitable for experienced climbers who enjoy climbing through stalactites, edges, chimneys or overhangs.

Red Chilli
Multiple lenght of Niké on Punta Giradili with opposite view to Pedra Longa at the planned difficulty 8a +. Once the project is completed, it will be one of the best ones in Sardinia. At the moment, we are in the middle and the last stand is suspended in a perpendicular overhang.
We have around 400 rivets in Sardinia in total, built 30 new trips, contributed to the newly born guide and drank about 140 best coffees.
In our moments of rest, at least we′ve been dismantling old rivets that do not meet the current iron certification requirements in Europe, at Monte Oro, and have come up with new ways.

Punta Giradili

After returning, we continue to work on projects in the Czech Republic and we plan to travel to sunny Sardinia in the spring and summer. Let us know who would like to go with us. We offer climbing on well-defined limestone trips of varying difficulty from beginners to demanding climbers. One or more lengths, in the shade and in the sun. With easy access, walking distance. Your reward is unbelievably beautiful views of the turquoise sea, white rocks, local wine and beer.
We look forward to you!

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