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Sitting on our ass doesn´t make us happy. Our finger are tickling when doing nothing for a long time. And that's why we're still somewhere on the rope, on the rock or in the wind. We still climb somewhere, bolt new climbing challenges, stay outside with our heads up. We are a team of friends who share the ultimate climbing enthusiasm, love for nature and freedom, humility in the rocks, and a unique feeling when meeting new challenges.

Our activ sneakers just thrills our passion for traveling around the world, damp climber shoes are forcing us to climb one climbing challenge after another and shiny rivets inspire us to create the most fun climbing challenges in the Czech Republic, Austria or Sardinia.

Here on the website you will find a pile of inspiration for rock climbing and wall climbing, trips to nearby and fardistance nature and a hell of a lot of of activities with us. We will teach you to climb, overcome your fears and drink a good Italian doppio.

We have a full backpack of tips for you and we need to get bigger one.


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On snowshoes to the Sněžka

On snowshoes to the Sněžka

Looking for a nice and fun trip? A lot of people go to the top on Krkonoše nowadays. To see a sunrise or just like a physical exercise to our highest mountain. Ok, why not. But have you tried it any other way?

Christmas 2018 in Sardinia

Christmas 2018 in Sardinia

It would not be Christmas time for Honza Kareš and the team without going back to the blue sky, the white rocks, the best doppioand the most beautiful views of Sardinia. This time Karešák he teamed up with Hrnec and Marťan. Two more participants Rampa and Blexa joined the big car and decided to join and together with the team to experience the holidays differently and have good climb. The team bolted already around 350 routes in Sardinia. And since the guys were enthusiastic from the Sardinian trip, we decided to extend the offer to the future for other people. Keep reading and let us know if you would like to travel with our climbing team.

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